Monday, September 27, 2010

N.Y.C. - Bryant Park

My mother gave this polish, which was really sweet of her - and it gave me a chance to try a color which, to be honest, I'd probably never have picked up on my own.

Bryant Park is a cool-toned gold, leaning toward a taupey ashen bronze. I guess maybe you could call it a neutral gold, or a golden neutral, if such a thing exists. It looks slightly more gold-toned on the nail than it does in the bottle. It's an interesting color in its way and would probably look great on someone else, but I don't think it works well with my skin tone. I don't think I'll actually wear this one, and will probably swap or give it away, if I can find anybody who wants it.

I usually don't have any problems with the quality or application or N.Y.C. polishes, and this one was fine it that regard as well. I can't report anything about how well it held up in terms of chipping and wear, since I removed it pretty quickly as I didn't care for the color. It was kind of brushstrokey, but I think that's definitely because it's rather frosty in finish. (Another reason, I suppose I didn't care for this polish as much: this color+frost = just "meh" for me.) To sum it all up, nice polish, interesting color, just not my cup of tea. :)

The pics here came out fairly color-accurate (for once), despite being taken late in the afternoon of a rainy day, with less than great lighting. I used three coats plus base and topcoats.

Thanks for looking! :)

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